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What recent clients are saying

“There is true magic to be found in good editing. If you are a writer hesitating in the least about spending money on an editor, I say this to you: Do what you can, and spend what you can afford, for the best possible one. It’s the single greatest thing you can do for your work.

In order to get my manuscript in as tip top shape as possible, I conducted some extensive research and found a [Steven Bauer].... I may have worked and reworked my manuscript for years, all the while receiving valuable feedback from critique partners and writing teachers and agents, but nothing has come close to the depth and breadth of the insight I received from [Steven]. And now that I am going through the line edits, I see unfolding before me pure wizardry.” ~
Anjali Mitter Duva

"Steven's focus and expertise have been invaluable in helping me revise a manuscript that started out as a very simple story and is now, thanks to him, ever closer to where I need it to be. Many times I would have given up on my novel, but he was always able not only to find the significance in what I was trying to say, but also to show me how and where to deepen the content. (I think Steven knew where my story was supposed to go even before I did.) But he doesn't put you there; he gives you the tools and professional criticism to make you learn along the way, which, to me, was far more valuable than completing the manuscript, since it has helped me in other endeavors as well. I would recommend Steven’s services to any aspiring writer without hesitation."
--Mike Siebenaler

“Working with Steven Bauer on my manuscript was a delightful and challenging exercise in synergy, where we put our heads together and created something I couldn't have achieved on my own. His sensitivity to language, nuance and theme helped us hone the text and bring it to a finer level of polish and expression. I am so pleased with the results, and am grateful to Steven for partnering with me in this creative process.”
Abbie Rosner, author of BREAKING BREAD IN GALILEE (April 2012)

"You're a terrific, hard-working and thorough editor, and your suggestions and insights have been invaluable.   Plus, it has simply been fun to work with you."
Dallas Hudgens, author of DRIVE LIKE HELL and SEASON OF GENE (April 2012)

"It has been a great pleasure working with you. When I set out to find an editor, I expected to get someone who could tell me where I had deviated from the rules of fiction writing. And you certainly did that for me. But I was also hoping to find an explorer (both physically and mentally) who could get what I was trying to accomplish with my story, and tell me where I had stumbled. You gave me that gift, as well. And you did it all with humor and kindness."
Kathleen Lowe, author of DREAM CAT (December 2011)

"I have over one hundred books on writing on my bookshelf behind me and yet I feel like I have learned more from you in your correspondence than in all of them combined."
Alex O'Neal

Your report makes me feel like I'm in a master class at a prestigious school or renowned literary workshop."
--Michael Myers

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