What I can do for you:


Help with your writing:

Writing coach

Need someone who will respond quickly to the writing you've done this week? Want a cheerleader and advisor as you begin your novel or memoir? Would having an insightful reader who asks the right questions help you as you work?

Superb developmental editing

Need help understanding the story you really want to tell? Do you have a wonderful idea but are unsure about how to approach it? Could you use a list of provocative and far-reaching questions that would help you think more deeply about what it is you want to say and how you want to say it?
This is our specialty.

Manuscript evaluation

Want an honest but sympathetic overview of your completed manuscript? Advice about how to make it both better and more saleable?

Inspired line editing

Having trouble finding the precise word? Cutting out unnecessary language and tightening your prose? Organizing your sentences or paragraphs? Giving momentum to your story?

Careful, professional, and accurate proofreading and copy editing

Want to catch every last typo? Unsure about that comma, semi-colon, or em-dash? Worried about your grammar?

When (and if) you're ready for (and want) intensive face-to-face work

I will fly to you, or you can fly to me, and we can work together for as short or long a time as you'd like.


Advice and consultation:

About the techniques of fiction and creative nonfiction

Confused about point of view? About how your story starts? About how to use the story’s rhythm to get the most out of your ending? Need advice about where nonfiction stops and fiction starts? Could your characters be more complex or your plot more tight?

About magazine articles or non-fiction book proposals

Want to know how to research what magazines need what sorts of articles? Need help writing a query letter that will grab the attention of an editor? Putting together a proposal for a book that will interest an agent?

About agents

Need a clear idea about what agents do and don't do? Want to improve your relationship with your agent? Need to change agents?

About graduate school in creative writing

What makes a superb personal statement/statement of intent? Who should provide letters of recommendation? What sort of manuscript should you submit? What's the best school for you?




• Do you need something written, with flair and style? A newsletter? A brochure? A poem?

• Want an experienced co-writer or ghostwriter who is quick, professional, reliable, great with deadlines?