Below is a list of the writing projects (to complete degrees in creative writing on either the undergraduate or graduate levels) that I advised and edited between 1986 and 2002.

Director of Undergraduate honors theses:

Margaret Peterson, No Shining Road, a novel, Departmental and University Honors, 1986.
• Elizabeth Lamb, “In Search of the Garden: A Collection of Short Stories,” Departmental and University Honors, 1989.
• Tedd Roos, “Snapshot,” “Traveling,” and “Burning Washington,” --Three Stories; Honors in English, 1989.
• Timothy Capehart, “Pictures and Other Stories,” Departmental and University Honors, 1990.
• Corey Andrews, “Tinder: A Collection of Stories,” Departmental and University Honors, 1992.
David Kajganich, “Horse in the Rain and Other Stories,” Departmental and University Honors, 1992.
• Joe Salvatore, “Triptych: Mother/Father/Son," Departmental and University Honors, 1994.
• Scott Purdy,
American Creatures, a novel, for Honors in English, 1996.
• Ben Birdie, "Live Studio Audience," a novella, for Departmental and University Honors, 1998.
• Sally Anne Wilcox, "How To Be A Good Wife," short stories, for Departmental and University Honors, 1998.
• Ann Kelble, “Woman in Blue,” a novella, for Departmental and University Honors, 1999.
• Mark Springer, “The Manor,” short stories, for Departmental and University Honors, 1999.
Rob Mentzer, short stories for Departmental Honors, 2001.
• Steve Capadona, a novella and stories for Departmental and University Honors, 2001.
Hugh Sheehy, stories for Departmental Honors, 2002.

Graduate theses and exams:

Thesis director and advisor, degrees completed:

• Ann Hinkle, M.A., January 1986.
Imaginary Portraits, short stories.
• Virginia Neyer, M.A., August 1986.
A Reason to Stay, a novel.
Paula Wenger, M.A., August 1987. A Hand on the Door, short stories.
• Stephen Eoannou, M.A., August 1988.
Further Details, a novella.
• William Fisher, M.A., August 1989.
Emptying the House and Other Stories.
• Michael Fontana, M.A., August 1989.
The Terrain of Her Hand, a novella.
Kevin McCaughey, M.A., May 1990. The World Is Breathing, short stories.
• Nancy Donovan, M.A., August 1990.
Raising Cain, a novel.
Karen Mockler, M.A., August 1990. Keep Moving, Keep Marching (Or You’ll Freeze), short stories.
• Theodore Roos, M.A. August, 1991.
Civil Liberties, a novel-in-progress.
• Kim Rebecca, M.A., August 1991.
Quiet Horror, short stories.
• David Booker, M.A., December 1991.
A Small Resurrection, a novel.
• Dennis Peyton, M.A. December 1991.
It Goes Like This, poems.
Jonathan Gotsick, M.A., August 1992. The Natural Ardor of Things and Other Stories.
• Catherine Pinckert, M.A., August 1994. Rutabaga Rapture, short stories.
• James Vautravers, M.A., August 1994.
Tyranny of the Majority, short stories.
Elizabeth Slattery, M.A., December 1994. Bridesmaid Revisited, a novel.
• Allison Homann, M.A. May 1995.
I Imagine the Last Suicide, a novel.
• Peirce Johnston, M.A., August 1995.
Empty Page, a novella and stories.
• William Willard, M.A., December 1996.
No Sympathy for Losers, short stories.
• Elizabeth Glass, M.A., December 1997, Painted Visions, a novel.
• James Rottenborn, M.A. December 1997.
Fire at Segden Lake, a novel for middle grade readers.
• Kelly Bahmer-Brouse, M.A. May 1998.
The Century of Progress, short stories.
Christopher Coake, M.A. May 1998. Sketching Firestorm, a novella and stories.
• Amanda Heele, M.A. August 1998.
Wren, a novella.
• James Malayang, M.A. August 1998.
Evening Faces, a novella and stories.
• Andrew Tonn, M.A. May 1999.
The Dead Travel Fast, a novel.
• Amy Ferrone Ponce, M.A. May 2000.
Just How Strong Did You Say Your Love Was? a novella.
• Lisa Babinec, M.A. May 2000.
You Must Die At Least Once, a novel.
Bret Anthony Johnston, M.A. May 2000. My Father’s Clothes, stories.
• Joseph Litteral, M.A. August 2001.
Down in the Bones, short stories.
• Ramon Alex Jones, M.A. December 2001.
Way of the First Power: or The Uncontrolled Soul, a novel.

Thesis reader and committee member, degrees completed:

• Rodd Whelpley, M.A. December 1989.
Amanda Skitzamadoodle’s Opening Day, a children’s novel.
• Kathy Lacey, M.A. December 1992.
Voices/Vision, short stories.
• David Goshorn, M.A. December 1993.
Shadowplay, a novel.
Keith Banner, M.A., December 1993. All That You Love, a novel.
• Anne Broccolo, M.A., December 1993.
Like Magic, a novel.
• Kevin Kent, M.A., December 1993.
The Shadow Branches, short stories.
• Carol Morison, M.A.T, August 1994.
Scott Berg, M.A., December 1994. Bachelors, short stories.
• Kathleen Riggs, M.A., August 1995.
Walker’s Island, a novel.
• Robert Dornbusch, M.A., August 1998.