There are several ways that you can pay for services from Hollow Tree.

If we have reached such an understanding, I will bill you at the conclusion.

I reserve the right not to begin any work that will cost more than $1000 until partial payment has been received.

Should you wish to send a personal check or money order for that partial payment, please understand that the work cannot proceed until the check has arrived and cleared or the money order has been cashed.

You can also use PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account, so long as you have a major credit card. Unfortunately PayPal takes a percentage of the total amount paid for your/our use of this service. Therefore, any payment made through PayPal is subject to a 3.1% surcharge. I am sorry about this, but PayPal has now become one of our mutual friends, the worldwide banking conglomerates, and I cannot absorb the cost of doing business through them.

If there are problems or questions about how to proceed, please contact us at payment@hollowtreeliterary.

Should you wish to use PayPal, please click below

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