Welcome to Hollow Tree Literary Services.


Experienced writers know that every good sentence
is retrieved by will from the forces of chaos.
~Verlyn Klinkenborg

Why we're here:

Farewell, Maxwell Perkins.

The days are gone when a writer with raw talent and a compelling story can find an acquiring editor willing to work with him or her toward publication. Today, if the manuscript is not already highly polished, utterly professional, and ready to be printed, chances are it will be rejected, no matter its potential.

Happily, what we at Hollow Tree do best is spot potential and develop it. We look for the potential in an idea, in a developing story, in a completed manuscript, and we work tirelessly to help the author achieve that potential.

As well, we have our fingers on the pulse of publishing. We know and understand the converging trends—consolidation of imprints, the rise of small independents, the move toward digital publishing, the costs and benefits of self-publishing—and we can offer advice and counsel when it is most needed.

What we do:

We specialize in fiction and non-fiction of almost any genre and any length: literary and commercial fiction—short stories, novellas, novels, children's books, fantasies, mysteries, romance, horror—as well as commercial and literary (creative) nonfiction—articles, books, autobiographies, memoirs, web pages. We even have experience with screenplays and with poems.

On the other hand, if you're a business and want top-notch writing and editing skills, you've come to the right place.

Who we are:

Steven Bauer is a discriminating and inspired editor, a well-published author, and an award-winning teacher of writing. He has worked with a multitude of young writers who have gone on to careers as novelists, short story writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, and editors. His talents with language and his knowledge of the publishing industry make him uniquely qualified to offer advice to both novice and established writers about any and all aspects of their work and careers.

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